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Healing Through Magnetism

We provide natural health options and solutions for our clients so they can reach their optimal health.

Are You Magnetized?



Are you magnetized?

Are you stressed, depressed, have low energy, or inflammation in your body? If you answered yes to any of these it signifies that your body's frequency is vibrating low and in turn viruses/diseases/bacteria can easily attach to your body. Magnets have become a means for many people who are seeking relief for those symptoms by getting to the root cause of the problem. Applying magnets to the body promotes increased blood flow and oxygen levels in order to align cells within the magnetic field.

What is magnetism?

Magnets have been used for many many years to treat various ailments. The body runs on many different systems (endocrine, muscular, skeletal, nervous, etc) the magnets work off of your energy system. Your energy system is affected everyday (from pollutants in the air, food, deodorant, soap, etc.) and from this your vibrations are lowered. In a nutshell your body is a magnet with a North and South Pole, but one gets sick because the body vibrates at a low rate causing bacteria, disease, and viruses to stick to cells. Magnets raise the body's vibrations back up so the body can then heal itself naturally.


How are magnets used to heal?

We use very powerful magnets with a North and South Pole to replenish the body's natural healing process, boost energy, pain relief, decrease inflammation, increase circulation, activate and cleanse the body. We do this by placing the North Pole (positive charge) on the low charged area of the body and the magnets in turn revitalize the cells. We do our hand/foot reflexology, magnet water, and chakra alignments all with magnets.


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